The Box Office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 11 a.m. through 6 p.m. Between Labor Day and Memorial Day, the Box Office is also open on Saturdays, 11 a.m. through 2 p.m. Additionally, the Box Office is open one hour prior to each show for ticket sales exclusively to that performance and closes one-half hour after the performance begins.

Seating charts are available at the Box Office and online.  Click here to view the seating chart now.  For reserved seating performances you will select your seats on the seat map when ordering tickets.

No. The Capitol Center requires full payment for all shows. The only exceptions are for large groups (see Group Sales) or School Series performances.

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds. Members of the Capitol Center for the Arts, may exchange tickets for credit towards future performances by returning the tickets to the Box Office at least 24 hours in advance of the performance. For more information about the benefits of membership, click here.

In the event of a cancellation we will make every effort to notify patrons beforehand, often by telephone.  If you purchased your tickets with a credit card, your account will be credited. If you purchased your tickets with cash or a check, you will be mailed a refund check. Refunds cannot be processed for cash.

If the show goes on as scheduled we are contractually obligated to pay the performers. Therefore, we do not offer weather-related refunds.

For sold out shows the Box Office will attempt to resell unused tickets. The tickets must be delivered to the Box Office before we can offer them for resale. If we are able to resell the tickets a payment will be issued equal to the value of the tickets, either by crediting the credit card through which the payment was originally made or via check. If a performance is not sold out, tickets may be donated up to 24 hours before the event to the Capitol Center for resale. Upon resale of those tickets, a receipt for tax purposes will be sent to you.

If a conflict arises, members may exchange their tickets for credit toward future events. Tickets must be presented at the Box Office no later than 24 hours in advance of the performance.

The Capitol Center invested in a sophisticated ticketing computer system that allows patrons to choose their own seats when ordering via telephone or the Internet. To help offset the cost of this system we instituted a processing fee for each ticket purchased by telephone or online. There is no fee for tickets purchased in-person at the Box Office during regular business hours.
Ticket fees are subject to change at any time.

Yes. Every person attending a performance is required to have a ticket, including babes in arms. This allows us to keep track of the number of people at an event in case of emergency.

Our staff will always select consecutive seats when filling your order, unless you have specifically requested otherwise. If there is any problem placing your seats together a Box Office representative will contact you before processing your order.

Yes. All seats on the right side of the theatre are even numbered and seats on the left side of the theatre are odd numbered. Seats in the center are numbered consecutively. This numbering system helps our ushers direct you to your seats quickly and efficiently.

The Box Office will always advise you about obstructed-view seats.

The Capitol Center rarely sells general-admission tickets to shows. Therefore, if you purchased a ticket from the Capitol Center, it is most likely for reserved seating (indicated by section, row and seat numbers). Occasionally, such as in the case of The Spotlight Cafe, National Theatre Live broadcasts, Bolshoi Ballet broadcasts, and some William H. Gile Concert Series performances, we may issue general-admission tickets.

Unfortunately, the Box Office is staffed for performances so that it may efficiently serve patrons attending the show and cannot sell tickets to other shows.

We generally do not offer discounted “rush” tickets. Occasionally, promotional discounts will be offered, with notification through advertising and to members of the Capitol Center's email club.

Tickets are required to most free shows, including those presented by the William H. Gile Concert Series.  You can order up to four tickets to most free shows through the box office or online.  Click here to request tickets now.

The theatre usually opens 45 minutes before show time for all free shows, including those presented by the William H. Gile Concert Series.  Patrons with tickets must arrive no later than 15 minutes before show time, or they may lose their seat.

Patrons without tickets to a free show may be seated, depending on availability, beginning 15 minutes before show time.  Patrons without tickets will be asked to line up, either outside or in The Governor's Hall, and will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yes. Gift certificates with a redemption number may be redeemed online or over the phone. Gift certificates without a redemption number must be submitted to the Box Office either in person or by mail.

There is free on-street parking after 5 p.m. and a parking garage located three blocks north of the Capitol Center at Capitol Commons. The garage entrance is on Storrs Street.

The City of Concord has designated two spaces directly in front of the Capitol Center for handicapped parking. Additional spaces are available prior to and during most performances.

There is an ATM in the lobby of the Capitol Center.

There are many fine restaurants within walking distance of the Capitol Center. Many support the Capitol Center through our Restaurant Sponsor program, and we encourage you to patronize those establishments. A list of Restaurant Sponsors is located in the back of your playbill program and is also online at Places to Stay and Eat.

A Current listing of shows can be found in the display rack in the vestibule to the left of the Box Office and online at Join our email club and have show information emailed right to you!

The majority of shows presented at the Capitol Center are booked by the Center's programming department. However, many shows are presented by outside promoters who rent the theater and are responsible for setting the ticket prices, advertising and the quality of the production.

There are many factors that go into deciding what artists to book — artist fees and availability, the size of the show (will it fit on our small stage?), how many people will attend and how much will they pay. Oftentimes, artists either don't have a big enough following or are so popular that we can't afford them.

We strive to provide accurate information at all times about upcoming performances. Occasionally information provided to us by artists does not accurately reflect the performance presented because artists reserve the right to make last-minute changes or because information sent to us is outdated.

No. The Capitol Center is a performing arts center.

From time to time, The Capitol Center offers professional development workshops for educators who use performing arts as a teaching tool in the classroom.  We presently do not offer theater classes or summer camps.

Absolutely! You can email our Director of Programming, at with your suggestions.

Opening acts are often booked long after the main act is announced and advertised. You can always call the Box Office at (603) 225-1111 to find out who is opening. We will also post the information at as soon as it is available.

As part of its mission to be a resource to the entire community, the Capitol Center is available for rent by any organization. The Center does not discriminate on any grounds, including political affiliation. The Capitol Center is never the official presenter of political events. We encourage all poitical organizations to consider renting our facilities. For more information, please contact our events manager at (603) 225-1111, ext. 114, or click here.

The lobby opens 1 hour before Chubb Theatre performances, and seating begins 30 minutes before the performance time listed on your ticket.

For Spotlight Cafe performances, seating usually begins 1 hour prior to the performance.

The Capitol Center has a state-of-the-art sound system that is calibrated to provide appropriate sound levels to all areas of the theater. Artists and their staff have specific requirements about how their shows should sound. The Capitol Center staff works closely with the artists to ensure that the levels are appropriate. However, from time to time, some audience members may find the levels either too loud or too soft for their personal taste. The Capitol Center has personal earplugs available for the audience; please contact an usher if you would like a pair. The Capitol Center has a listening enhancement system provided to patrons at no charge. You may pick up a headset at the box office, or ask any usher for assistance.

Yes, wrapped food and drinks from our concessions are allowed.

Regulating the temperature of a large building filled with as many as 1,300 people is a tricky matter, as all those bodies raise the air temperature by several degrees. If you find it cool when you enter the building, you can expect the temperature will rise quickly as the theater fills. Please let an usher know if you believe the theater is too warm or too cool.

No. Cameras (with or without a flash), video equipment or recording devices are not allowed unless the performer grants special permission. Unauthorized equipment is subject to confiscation. If you would like to check your equipment during the performance, please speak to an usher or the House Manager.

Please note: You may be photographed at any Capitol Center for the Arts event for promotional purposes. These event photos may be used at the Capitol Center for the Art’s discretion for promotional purposes without your specific written consent and/or without compensation.

We do have wheelchairs. Please ask an usher for assistance.

When the theater was built in 1927, the average American male was around five-feet, six-inches tall. When we renovated the building in 1995 we increased leg room in the orchestra by removing two rows. In the balcony, however, each row is on its own concrete level, and the seats were already pushed back as far as they would go. Expanding leg room in the balcony would require demolishing the current balcony and rebuilding it from scratch.

Direct your question first to an usher. If he or she can't help, you will be directed to the House Manager.

Our ushers are instructed to make every effort to keep people in their seats, but performers often encourage their fans to gather in front of the stage.

Don't hesitate to notify an usher, who has been trained to deal with most issues. They are there to assist you.

We recognize that some motorized wheelchairs block the view of patrons sitting in the next row. Please see an usher.

Occasionally artists will agree to meet with fans after the show, and will usually do so in the lobby or The Governor's Hall. Otherwise, audience members are not allowed backstage.

Each show has its own policy for late seating to ensure the best possible performance for all patrons and we are contractually obligated to oblige with these policies. The House Manager, ushers, and CCA staff are following the artists' instructions.   We appreciate your understanding.

We do not encourage audience members to move into unoccupied seats, as those seats may belong to late-arriving patrons.

The Capitol Center does not have a coat check and is unable to assume responsibility for any items left unattended. We ask that you not drape coats over the balcony walls.

The lost and found is located in the Box Office. You may ask an usher to look for a lost item or call the Box Office the next business day.

Lots of ways! Look for the member table in the lobby, ask the box office for assistance or sign up here. For more information on membership, call 603.225.1111, ext. 104.

You can sign up online at by clicking on "Volunteer," call (603) 225-1111, ext. 115, or ask an usher or House Manager at any performance.

Ticket revenue covers only about 60 percent of the Center's expenses, so we rely heavily on donations from individuals and corporate members. The Capitol Center is a non-profit organization and must continually raise money to support its mission to bring high-quality performances and educational opportunities to the community.

The Capitol Center is grateful to our many members who so generously support the theater each year. Their valuable investment in the CCA and their belief in our role as a vital community resource is critical to our future. We are happy to thank them by providing them with the best seats in the house. If you are not a current CCA member we invite you to join and receive this great member benefit at every show!

No. The Capitol Center honors donors of $500 or more with a plaque on the back of a theater seat. While you can certainly ask to sit in those seats when purchasing tickets, donors are not entitled to sit in "their own seats," nor do we offer discounts to seat donors. The Box Office has a book indicating the location of all named seats. For more information on buying a seat, contact the Development Department at (603) 225-1111, ext. 105 or 106.

Membership starts at as little as $50 per year at the Capitol Center Fan Club level and increases incrementally up to the Executive Producer level for donations of up to $5,000. We created a range within each level to allow donors to set their own donation amount, but you can always donate at each level's minimum amount and still enjoy the full benefits.

Pledging $5,000 or more qualifies donors as members of the Ovation Society, the premier group of individuals who support the ongoing work of the Capitol Center. Minimum entry is $1,000 per year for five years. Members enjoy exclusive privileges and receive special recognition including automatic membership at the Producer or Executive Producer level. Call the Development Director for more information at 603.225.1111 ext. 106.

Those are pieces of the original stenciling from 1927, when the theater was built. We left them exposed to give patrons a sense of what the theater looked like before it was renovated in 1995. There are plaques near each exposed section of stenciling explaining their origins.

The Capitol Theatre, as it was then known, opened January 30, 1927 as a vaudeville and movie house. The theater was purchased by the non-profit Capitol Center for the Arts in the early 1990s and renovated in 1995 and again in 2003. READ MORE

We assume that the owners of the Capitol Theatre simply spelled capital incorrectly. When the Capitol Center for the Arts purchased the theater it was easier to just continue spelling capital with an "o."

Enter the vestibule at the end of the brick walkway. To your left you will see a staircase that leads to the orchestra and balcony. To your right you will see the Box Office and several doors that lead to the main lobby. In the lobby there are doors to the left and right that lead to a flight of stairs to the orchestra. At the back of the orchestra there are two additional flights of stairs (one to the left, and one to the right) that lead to the balcony. You can reach the orchestra (but not the balcony) via the elevator that is located in the front right corner of the main lobby.

The theater is located directly above the lobby. If you are facing The Governor's Hall (straight ahead), there are doors to your left and right leading to the stairs to the theater. You do not have to enter on the side where your seats are located; ushers at the top of the stairs can lead you to your seats. There is also an elevator located in the right hand corner of the lobby that will take you to the orchestra (but not the balcony). Stairs to the balcony are located at the back of the orchestra.

The main bathrooms are located in the lobby, women's on the left, men's on the right. Both are wheelchair accessible. There are also bathrooms in the balcony hallway, women's on the left, men's on the right.

There is a courtesy phone, from which you can make local calls or long-distance calls with a phone card, located on the extreme left-hand wall of the vestibule.

There are fountains located outside each of the lobby bathrooms. There is also a vending machine stocked with bottled water in the center of the balcony hallway.

Depending on the show, the concession booth, at which you can purchase snacks and drinks, will be located either in the main lobby or at the back of The Governor's Hall, the large function room behind the lobby. Visiting artists sometimes set up their own concession booths. Those will be located either in the lobby or on the right side of The Governor's Hall.

From the lobby to the orchestra there are 26 stairs, but there is an elevator that will take you from the lobby to the orchestra. From the orchestra level to the balcony there are 31 stairs. Once you are at the balcony level there are stairs to each row.

The stage is elevated three-feet, two-inches from the orchestra floor and the first row of the orchestra is about six feet from the stage.

If you are attending a performance or a private event at the Capitol Center, tell your caregiver to call 603.545.7786 and leave a message. If you are attending a performance be sure to include your section, row and seat number in the message.

The Center hosts weddings, business conferences, benefits, holiday parties, reunions, trade shows and other private events. For rental information, call (603) 225-1111, ext. 114.

The Spotlight Café is a venue where the community can discover exciting work in a hip, club-style atmosphere. These events will take place in The Governor’s Hall, the first-floor ballroom at the Capitol Center, with general admission table and row seating for up to 250. While the Chubb Theatre works well for large productions and high profile artists, the Spotlight Café offers audiences the chance to experience up-and-coming artists as well as regional and local performers in an intimate setting.

The Kimball House is a stately 19th-century Victorian mansion that is eligible for the National Register of Historic places. It serves as administrative office space for the Capitol Center and has played host to intimate dinner parties, business retreats and meetings. For rental information, call (603) 225-1111, ext. 114. It is not part of the Kimball Jenkins Estate. Click here For more information.

Yes. You can arrange a tour by calling (603) 225-1111, ext. 114. Click here for more info.



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