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Safety comes first!
A Message from CCA Executive Director Nicki Clarke

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the board and staff of the Capitol Center want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a joyous holiday, even if you are celebrating with loved ones via Zoom. Like most of 2020, this is not going to be a normal holiday season and we are all going to have to adapt our plans given the current spike in COVID-19 cases here in New Hampshire and across the country.

After careful consideration of the changing conditions in the area and the latest CDC guidance, the CCA will follow its safety-first policy by taking a pause with our in-person performances from Thanksgiving (November 26) through January 14. Currently scheduled live performances and broadcasts prior to Thanksgiving are still on as well as any live-stream-only events during the pause period.

We anticipate resuming in-person performances on January 15 with an appearance by the gifted singer-songwriter Matt Nakoa which is on sale now at banknhstage.com. We will continue to monitor this situation and make adjustments on our return based on conditions in the community. When we do resume live shows we will continue to follow the safety protocols provided by the State’s performing arts venue guidelines. Please click here to watch a brief video to see how we have implemented these guidelines at the Bank of NH Stage.

Happy Holidays to All and Be Safe!


June 8, 2020
A Message from CCA Executive Director, Nicki Clarke

The Capitol Center for the Arts acknowledges and shares in the outrage over the murder of George Floyd and the many other Black, Brown and Indigenous people who, like him, have borne the brunt of brutality and systemic racism in this country.

The Capitol Center for the Arts stands in solidarity with those who live and struggle with the weight of these persistent forms of racism. At the same time, we acknowledge that we have work to do to fully commit to the values of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility within the Capitol Center for the Arts.

The arts are a critical vehicle to make visible the stories of injustice and can inspire people to work for social justice, social change, and a racially just future. As the CCA resumes operations and programming in these traumatic times, we will look for additional opportunities to present works of art that expose, confront, and seek healing around the issue of race in America including in our own community.

Additionally, as part of a strategic planning process that the CCA board will undertake this summer, the values of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility will take a central role in guiding how we approach future leadership, staffing, programming, and partnerships. In a beginning step towards this new future, the Governance Committee has taken up the challenge of expanding the diversity of board members that serve as the CCA’s governing body.

If you would like to participate with us on this journey or know someone who would bring knowledge, expertise, and heart to our work on these urgent topics, please send me a note. nclarke@ccanh.com

It is time for all organizations to address the legacy of racism and violence against those viewed as “other”. Let’s begin together.

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