To contact us here at the Capitol Center for the Arts, you may call us, mail us, visit our web site, or e-mail us. We would love to hear from you, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Capitol Center for the Arts
44 South Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

Nicolette B. Clarke
Executive Director
603.225.1111 x102
Joe Gleason
Assistant Executive Director
603.225.1111 x108
Katie Collins
Director of Development
603.225.1111 x106
Lorne Gregory
Director of Ticketing Services
603.225.1111 x111
Susan Jacobs
Director of Finance
603.225.1111 x109
Vivian LeWine
Director of Programming
603.225.1111 x103
Steve Martin
Director of Production and Facilities
603.225.1111 x107
Susan DeForest
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director
603.225.1111 x100
Andy Aldous
Production Manager
603.225.1111 x117
Benny Belanger
Production Manager
603.225.1111 x112
Walter Bichay
Food and Beverage Manager
603.225.1111 x114
Eric Dussault
Production Manager
603.225.1111 x131
Cheryl Lampron
Front of House Manager
603.225.1111 x115
Sheree Owens
Development Manager and Programming Associate
603.225.1111 x104
Lynne Sabean
Marketing Manager
603.225.1111 x116
Annette Zamarchi
Membership Manager
603.225.1111 x110
Paula Dill
Events Coordinator
603.225.1111 x124
Paula Hendrick
Development Associate
603.225.1111 x105
Amanda Kierstead
Box Office Associate
603.225.1111 x111
Joel Lampron
Box Office Associate
603.225.1111 x111
Joe Pero
Facilities and Maintenance
Joe Testa
Box Office Associate
603.225.1111 x111
Florence Woods
Box Office Associate
603.225.1111 x111