It’s the 45th anniversary of Badfinger 1972’s classic album  Straight Up. To celebrate, original band member Joey Molland and his dynamic band brings to the Capitol Center a complete performance of the album, and recreates several of Badfinger’s other legendary songs. This is the first time that this classic British Rock band appears in the CCA’s Spotlight Cafe.

Straight Up has received favorable reviews for more than four decades. Featuring five tracks written and sung by Molland, Q magazine described  as “brimming with mature melodies and bracing verse/chorus interplay”, while NME deemed it “a stone cold beauty of an album” and advised: “Love it like your mother …” George Harrison of the Beatles produced four tracks on the album:  “Name of the Game”, “Suitcase”, “I’d Die Babe” — the latter two written by Molland — and Pete Ham’s “Day After Day”, which gave Badfinger  a Top 5 U.S. single.  AllMusic says ” there’s absolutely no filler and everybody is in top form”. The album, which also featured “Baby Blue”, stayed on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart for 32 weeks.

Badfinger, one of the original signings to the Beatles’ Apple Records label,  had their first hit single with a Paul McCartney – penned song, “Come and Get It”, which went to #7 in the U.S. charts.  Badfinger followed this hit with their own compositions “No Matter What”, “Day After Day”, and “Baby Blue”.  During this time,  Harry Nilsson placed Badfinger’s song “Without You” on top of the charts, as did Mariah Carey in 1994. Joey Molland and Badfinger played on John Lennon’s Imagine album and joined George Harrison for the Concert for Bangladesh.

Badfinger’s songs continue to heard in films (e.g., The Departed), on television (including the Breaking Bad finale), and on Classic Rock and oldies radio stations. “Without You” was featured in the 2016 film  “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”.

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