The 6th Annual Buzz Christmas Ball hits the stage for a night you won’t soon forget. Join GREG AND THE MORNING BUZZ, your hosts for the evening, and their crazy friends for this wonderful holiday treat featuring entertainment straight from the North Pole. This is the ultimate holiday Rock and Roll Variety Show! This year’s lineup includes:

Adam Ezra

Alex Preston (also appearing at the CCA on Feb 11)

Jimmy Dunn

Tony V

Juston McKinney

PJ Thibodeau

Super Secret Project

Jordan Terrill- Wysocki

Max Ater

Charles Burthoud

Jon Butcher

Mike Girard

Magic Dick & Shun Ng

Deric Dyer

Cliff Goodwin

Brad Hallen

Joe Deleault

Steve Baker

Jill Pennington

Liz Armano

Jess Vaughn