Carolina Eyck is a German-Sorbian musician and composer, largely recognized as the world’s leading

theremin virtuoso.   Employing loops and a variety of sound effects, she develops whole choirs onstage and extends the theremin’s color palette. Electronic Musician reports, “Eyck modernizes the theremin, merging it within the classical tradition like child’s play.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Carolina Eyck is a German-Sorbian musician and composer, largely recognized as the world’s leading theremin virtuoso. She was a child prodigy, beginning her studies at age seven with Lydia Kavina and developing her own eight-finger-position playing technique by age 16. She published The Art of Playing the Theremin at just 17 years old, and her method has revolutionized how the instrument is played.


Eyck has performed in concert halls around the world and has been a soloist with the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, Argentine National Symphony Orchestra, the Dresden Philharmonic, and more. Eyck has premiered several new works by Fazil Say, Kalevi Aho (composed for Eyck), Andrew Norman, Dalit Warshaw, and Regis Campo.


She has recorded or performed with contemporary artists from a variety of genres, including rock legend Steve Vai, singer-songwriter Gotye, DJ Jeff Mills, guitarist Jim Moginie, Tangerine Dream, multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier, and vocalist Theo Bleckmann, among others.


In 2016, Eyck released an album featuring her own composition Fantasias for Theremin and String Quartet with the American Contemporary Music Ensemble. Eyck’s next album, Elegies for Theremin and Voice, features her original compositions and improvisations and will be released in fall 2019.


Carolina Eyck regularly conducts theremin workshops, lectures, and master classes worldwide. She is the artistic director of the Theremin Academy in Colmar (France), Leipzig, and Berlin (Germany). In 2018, she gave a TEDx Talk about the symbiosis of self-control and freedom while playing the theremin. A documentary about her work, Carolina and the Waves, is currently in production.


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