Darlingside delivers a truly moving blend of subtlety, power, outstanding vocal quality and contemporary songwriting.

The Boston based quartet features four distinct voices clustered around a single microphone; their tightly-arranged tunes drawing from the unexpected, including strains of bluegrass, classical, and even barbershop. Accompanied by an arsenal of classical strings, guitars, mandolin, and percussion, these four close friends swap instruments from song to song and offer a sound that defies standard genre classifications.


Maine Youth Rock Orchestra redefines music education for students of all backgrounds and demographics through collaboration with national artists, creating transformational experiences.

Students who participate in MYRO ensembles are able to express their individuality through a classical skill set, while performing concerts with nationally-recognized artists that reinforce their love for alternative genres from classical. MYRO participants currently reside in southern and central Maine, representing at least 17 schools and 10 districts. Rehearsing once a week, MYRO brings together a community of individuals that share their love for all genres of music and the passion to perform in concerts, demonstrating what it is like to be a rock star orchestral musician at an early age.