Friends! The Musical Parody is the off-Broadway hit and an unauthorized musical parody based on the wildly popular television series. This loving lampoon follows the wacky misadventures of six 20-something pals as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in 1990s Manhattan.

Songs include:

  • “495 Grove Street – How Can We Afford This Place?”
  •  “How you Doin?” – Joey
  •  “We Were on a Break!” – Ross
  •  “Oh. My. God. It’s Janice!” – Janice
  •  “Will They or Wont They” – Ross and Rachel
  •  “The Ballad of Fat Monica”
  • “The Chick and The Duck Song”
  • “I am Marcel, the Monkey!”
  •  “Could I BE Anymore…in Love with You” – Chandler
  •  “The One Where We Make a Million Dollars an Episode”
  •  “We’ll Always Be There For You

Recommended age 13 and up due to adult humor and language.


Creators/writers Bob and Tobly McSmith met while working at Dippin’ Dots in the mall. In addition to Friends! The Parody Musical, they are the creators/writers of Bayside! The Saved by the Bell Musical (NYTimes Critic Pick), 90210! The Musical and many others, including this fall’s The Office! A Musical Parody!

Right Angle Entertainment (Producers): Founded in 2014 by Alison Spiriti and Justin Sudds, Right Angle Entertainment specializes in the creation, production and management of live touring shows with a focus on bringing personalities and brands to life on stage. The shows cross genres from concerts to digital stars to theatrical productions.

McSmith Family Entertainment (Producers): The McSmith Family strive to change the world one parody at a time. McSmith Family Entertiament is the producing home of the McSmiths. It dreams about, develops, and builds staged and filmed entertainment for North American and international production.

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