Concord-based JamAntics exploded onto the New England music scene with their energetic funky rock jams in early 2009, and reunite here for their 10 year anniversary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeding on the good vibes of a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase, JamAntics exploded onto the New England music scene in early 2009 spreading their energetic funky rock jams to all corners of the greater New England area. The Concord, NH based group has garnered more than 5 awards including an Editor’s Choice for Best Jam Band from New Hampshire Magazine in 2010 and an Editor’s Choice for Best Party Band in 2011, along with Best Original Band in the Concord Insider’s “Cappies” Awards, and Best Local Band in The Hippo Press’s annual Best of contest for all of southern NH. They have shared a stage with such bands as Little Feat, RAQ, The Breakfast, Roots of Creation, The Brew, Barefoot Truth, and many others at some of the best venues in the area, including Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom.

The five members bring varied musical backgrounds into the mix, creating a unique sound. A balance of structured songwriting and free improvisation by all members of the band ensures that fans will be able to sing along to their favorite songs, but still be surprised when they are never played the same way twice.


JamAntics is excited to reunite for their 10 year anniversary with a performance at the Bank of New Hampshire stage in Concord, NH!

Multiple live recordings are available on




Free-Lead Guitar/Vocals
Lucas-Rhythm Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Reingold-Bass/Hand Drum/Beatbox/Vocals

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