Featuring CJ Poole and Laura Daigle , Vocals

And dancers from the New England School of Dance

Backed by the Clayton Poole Orchestra

Turn back the hands of time and come out to celebrate the decade of the fab ’50s! This performance celebrates the music that defined a generation. From Sinatra, Doris Day and  Perry Como’s lilting ballads to Bill Hailey’s epic “Rock Around the Clock”, this show will pay tribute to the incredible musical diversity of that decade. It features CJ Poole, Ms. Laura Daigle, and the Clayton Poole Orchestra performing the music of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, Elvis, Fats Domino, and numerous other artists. Watch as the dancers from The New England School of Dance display the moves of the mop, the twist and the excitement of a real “Sock Hop”! So comb back your duck tail, put on your poodle skirt and white bucks and take a stroll down memory lane to the “best on wax” music of the 1950s!