Sebastian Maniscalco STAY HUNGRY TOUR

February 8, 2018

THU @ 7:00pm
Contains mature content.

In our increasingly tepid, polite and politically correct culture we need more people like Sebastian Maniscalco. Forever able to seize the moment, never failing to speak his mind, always telling it like it is, this is one man who isn’t afraid to put it all out there.

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April 8, 2018

SUN @ 7:30pm

“It takes a lot of time to accept who you are,” says Chris Daughtry. “You shave off the persona that you thought people expected, stop worrying about what anyone is going to think. You start to be comfortable with who you are onstage and off, and that all blends together. I think I finally know who I am as a pe...

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Juston McKinney

April 28

SAT @ 8:00pm

New Hampshire’s own Juston McKinney returns with lots of new material! He’s been using the state as his comic muse since he was humoring perps as a deputy sheriff on the New Hampshire / Maine border in the 1990s.

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