Blaggards w/ The Outsiders Punkabilly Rebels

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Fri, September 24, 2021






+$2 at the door (plus per ticket fee, directly supporting the Capitol Center/Bank of NH Stage)


Bank of NH Stage
16 S Main St, Concord, NH 03301


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Blaggards (no “the”, pronounced BLA’ GUARDS or BLA’ GHERDS, depending on where you’re from) formed July 2004 in Houston, Texas. We play what we call Stout Irish Rock, traditional Irish music mixed with rock n’ roll, informed by everything from Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley to Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath. Blaggards are guitarist/vocalist Patrick Devlin, bassist/vocalist Chad Smalley, and drummer Eric C. Hughes.

Blaggards maintain a rigorous schedule, playing constantly throughout Texas and touring nationally several times a year. We’ve also toured Ireland every year since 2010. Our music has appeared in movies and TV. An original instrumental entitled “Kerfuffleful” appears in the New Line Cinema motion picture How to Be Single, released February 2016. “Drunken Sailor” and “Big Strong Man” from our first CD, Standards, were both featured in episode 86 of the CBS series The Good Wife, aired on March 24, 2013. “Big Strong Man” also appears in the British film The Kid, directed by Nick Moran and based on the best-selling book by Kevin Lewis.

Though the lineup of players may have changed over 18 years and hundreds of shows, the resolve remains the same: “R.N.R.A.D.Y.” an acronym for their collective mantra, “Rock n Roll Ain’t Dead Yet”. A fiery hybrid of punk rock, metal, surf and hillbilly performed with such fervor that will surely have many a passer-by nodding slowly in agreement. A power trio led by Elvirus, a wild man, a wild card, if you will, delivers hiccupy vocal hellfire while slinging an over-driven red Gretsch. Matt “Backdraft” Bartlett, a full time fire-fighter in New Hampshire, slaps a home made upright comprised of a human skeleton. The rhythmic slapping and thunderous low end of “Rigormort-bass” is a sight -and sound- to be experienced. The backbone to the rhythm section is heralded by tequilla sippin’, punk rockin’, syncopatin’ drum phenom, Mark Thompson. Together, this….this amalgam of gritty music-and players- truly embodies it’s own mantra…Rock n roll AIN’T dead yet…but if it WERE, it’d be kicking and screaming on it’s way out the door.

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