Memphis Jookin’ ft Lil’ Buck (Gile Concert Series)



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Tue, March 15, 2022






This show is presented free of charge for Concord-area residents by the William H. Gile Concert Series.


Chubb Theatre
44 S Main St, Concord, NH 03301


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Renowned dance artist Lil Buck conceives, choreographs and performs in a new touring production called “Memphis Jookin’: The Show” an ode to Lil Buck’s hometown of Memphis, TN, birthplace of the singular dance style known as Memphis Jookin’. The 90-minute stage show takes us on a journey to the fabled city to chronicle how the artform emerged from local street dance to international phenomenon.

The original production will star Lil Buck alongside 8 highly skilled Memphis Jookin’ dancers and a DJ performing to a soundtrack that evokes the energy of the streets and the clubs where Memphis Jookin’ was born. Memphis Jookin’: The Show will premiere in the Fall 2021 to be followed by a national tour in 2022.

“Jookin was this diamond in the rough. It was raw, real and gangster. I’d only ever seen people like Michael Jackson dancing on VHS tapes, living a superstar life that wasn’t attainable. So when I saw Jookin being done in my own backyard, and being danced by people who looked like me, that blew my mind. I knew immediately: I want that so bad.” -Lil Buck

“Buck’s power derives from the ability to get to the bottom of what something feels like for himand then to express it to the world.”
– Gia Kourlas, New York Times

About Lil Buck:
Lil Buck, born in Chicago in 1988 and raised in Memphis, became a YouTube sensation after director Spike Jonze uploaded a video of his dance improvisation with cellist Yo-Yo Ma. In addition to being the ambassador of one of the most groundbreaking dance styles of this
generation, Memphis Jookin, Lil Buck also founded the dance collective Movement Art Is (MAI), an organization that uses dance and movement to inspire and change the world. Lil Buck is also the first street dancer ever to design a capsule collection with Versace, and in February 2012, He joined Madonna for her Super Bowl halftime show, which broke the record for the mostwatched television program in American history. He also completed two world tours with Madonna: MDNA and REBEL HEART, and has worked with, among others, New York City Ballet and choreographer Benjamin Millepied. In 2014, Lil Buck was also awarded The Wall Street Journal Innovator of the Year Award.

Important Info for Memphis Jookin’ ft Lil’ Buck:
The Event Organizer and/or Venue is requiring fans agree to the terms below prior to ticket purchases & event entry. Please note these confirmations will apply to all members of your party before they are allowed to enter the event and to any users of the tickets purchased by you.

By purchasing tickets for this event, I confirm that I will have been fully vaccinated (14 days past final vaccination shot) at the time of the event.

Proof of vaccination will be accepted by showing your vaccination card or negative test result (original, photocopy, or image/photo on your phone) and a photo ID which must also be presented prior to entry.

Mask wearing will be required.

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