Fruit Flies Like a Banana




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September 25th - 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm




Bank of NH Stage
16 S Main St, Concord, NH 03301


This concert is presented free of charge through the generosity of the William H. Gile Trust
Our Policies - Attending a Show


3 Performers. 20+ Pieces. 60 Minutes

Few musical ensembles earn top marks for their “deft choreography,” but this is no ordinary ensemble. Part chamber music group, part devised theatre company, part modern dance troupe, part circus act, The Fourth Wall blends music, theatre, dance, and acrobatics into a new hybrid art form. In their award-winning variety show Fruit Flies Like a Banana, this trio of musicians creates new interdisciplinary works and reinterprets classic repertoire – all performed in an order chosen by the audience – to make music the leaps off the stage.  Interactive online performances of Fruit Flies Like a Banana: Virtual Style put everyone in a front-row seat, and all are invited to help create a show that leaps off the screen.

Time Flies Like an Arrow… Fruit Flies Like a Banana!!

Every performance of Fruit Flies… is different – from show order to parameters to repertoire. We’re always adding new repertoire to specifically suit our audience (such as inside joke for primarily musician audiences or bringing in local celebrities in different towns) and finding new ways to make our friends and fans join in. Fruit Flies… was premiered at the IndyFringe Festival in August 2013 and has been performed at festivals, universities, schools, performing arts centers, and on computer screens across the country ever since.

THE FOURTH WALL Hybrid arts ensemble

The Fourth Wall explores a new hybrid of the performing arts in which musicians are also dancers and actors. Stretching the boundaries of instrumental performance, The Fourth Wall commissions new interdisciplinary works and reinterprets established repertoire to make music that leaps off the stage. The ensemble is comprised of flutist Hilary Abigana, bass trombonist C. Neil Parsons, and percussionist Greg Jukes.

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